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Loophole for All is a service to democratize offshore business for people who don't want to pay for their riches. It empowers everyone to evade taxes, hide money and debt, and get away with anything by stealing the identities of real offshore companies.
Loophole For All
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Information and materials for press coverage

Press Material:

- Recap of the project and its story. 2014.
- 4th, Press Release, June 2nd 2014. [html] - [pdf]
- 3rd, Press Release, April 5th 2013. [html] - [pdf]
- 2nd, Press Release, March 10th 2013. [html] - [pdf]
- 1st, Press Release, February 15th 2013. [html] - [pdf]
- Call for Tax Day Action, April 15th 2013. [html]

Press images package download [high-res tiff]:
- Pictures of the pile of Caymans & City of London's certificates
- Pictures of the art installations in art exhbitions

- Selected Caymans certificates of incorporation in HD [jpg]
- Paolo Cirio Ltd, UK certificate of incorporation [pdf]
- Diagram of the scheme for the corporate identity theft [pdf]
- Excel document with the list of offshore centers and related details
- List of all the Caymans companies in database form [csv]

- Download HD introductory video of Loophole4All.com in HD [mov]
- Download HD video excerpts of interviews with the experts [mov]
- Download HD linear video excerpts of the project for screening [mov]
- Watch the interview with Paolo Cirio author of the project on GRITtv
- Watch the introductory-meme video of Loophole4All on Youtube
- Watch excerpts of the interviews with offshore experts on Youtube
- Watch the full version of the interviews with the experts on Youtube

About the Author:

Paolo Cirio is the contemporary artist who created and invented Loophole for All. He stole the data, did the investigation, developed the concept and wrote the theory, designed the infrastructure, arranged the material for this artwork, made the video documentary. Paolo Cirio works for Paolo Cirio Ltd which alone is responsible and liable for any information and service provided and published on Loophole4All.com
- Artist's bio
- Artist's portrait

Interviews with the artist about the project:
- Interview on The Wild Magazine, 2014
- Interview on The Verge, 2013

Videos crew credits:
Leah Borromeo, Claire Richard, Jonathan Minard, Max Fox.

Special thanks to:
William Brittain-Catlin, John Christensen, Jack Blum, Chris Taggart and Nicholas Shaxson.

With the support of:
- EYEBEAM - Art and Technology Center - NYC
- Creative Times - NYC
- Kasa Art Gallery - Istanbul
- Ars Electronica, Linz - Austria
Selected press coverage
- Cayman 27, TV News, Cayman, 2013
- CayCompass, news, Cayman, 2013
- Cayman News Service, Cayman, 2013
- Royal Gazette, news, Bermuda, 2013
- AlterNet, Artist's article, U.S., 2013
- GRITtv, video interview, U.S. 2013
- The Nation, interview, U.S., 2013
- The Verge, interview, U.S., 2013
- FastCompany, review, U.S., 2013
- ARTINFO, review - update, U.S. 2013
- The New Inquiry, news, U.S., 2013
- Wired.com, news, U.S., 2013
- YesMagazine, review, U.S., 2013
- Common Dreams, news, U.S., 2013
- Counter Punch, review, U.S., 2013
- Disinfo.com, review, U.S., 2013
- Culture of Resistence, review, U.S., 2013
- Select, review, Brazil, 2013
- Polo democratico, Colombia, 2013
- Gerecie, news, Colombia, 2013
- Pablo RT, review, Chile, 2013
- Dazed and Confused, UK, 2013
- Tax Justice, review, UK, 2013

- Libération, interview, France, 2014
- Wiener Zeitung, review, Austria, 2014
- derStandard, review, Austria, 2013
- E-24, news, Norway, 2013

- El Pais, interview, Spain, 2013
- United Explanations, review, Spain, 2013
- Ara.Cat, review, Spain, 2013
- 20 Minutos, review, Spain, 2013
- INFORMATIÓN, review, Spain, 2013
- Neoteo, review, Spain, 2013
- UOC, review, Spain, 2013
- Iefimerida, news, Greece 2013
- Blouinartinfo, review, Germany, 2013

- RebelArt, review, Germany, 2013
- Nerdcore, review, Germany, 2013
- Atlatszo, review, Hungary, 2013
- L'Espresso, interview, Italy, 2013
- Il Fatto Quotidiano, news, Italy, 2013
- Giornalettismo, news, Italy, 2013
- WIRED, interview, Italy, 2013
- Hackmageddon, news, web, 2013

Exhibiting the art of corporate identity theft

In the offline art installation, the paper trail of the project is displayed with prints of the documents of the scheme set up for the operation.
The following diagram shows the flows of legal accountability, financial gains and information management among the jurisdictions utilized to engineer the massive-scale market of corporate identities. Among the printed and framed subsidiary certificate, the ID and the bills of the artist, the audience at the exhibition space is able to buy identities of companies from a pile of thousands of counterfeited paper certificates of incorporation. Eventually the art installation becomes a low cost identity shop for offshore companies and in doing so, democratizes both offshore business and the selling of conceptual subversive artworks.

Selected pictures of installations at the following shows
Unstable Territories, CCC Strozzina, Florence; Aksioma, Ljubljana; MAK, Vienna.

A few thousand Caymans companies on paper
- Download more pictures

Certificate of incorporation of Paolo Cirio Ltd. in the City of London, UK - Download more pictures

Installation at Unstable Territories, at Centre for Contemporary Culture Strozzina, Florence, Italy. 2013 - More pics

Loophole4All.com is published by Paolo Cirio Ltd, a company dedicated to improving offshore business for the general public. Registered in England, number 8188080. Registered Office: Suite 36, 88-90 Hatton Garden, City of London, EC1 N8PG, United Kingdom. Loophole4All.com's clients are advised and served by Paolo Cirio Ltd and not by its members, directors or employees. Paolo Cirio Ltd alone is responsible and liable for advice, information and services provided to its clients through Loophole4All.com.