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Loophole for All is a service to democratize offshore business for people who don't want to pay for their riches. It empowers everyone to evade taxes, hide money and debt, and get away with anything by stealing the identities of real offshore companies.
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How Loophole4All.com works, explained

You can hijack an offshore business in four easy steps, and then start to save money on your tax bills, hide income and debts, and advance your business by acting like a real offshore company.

More details for using Loophole for All's services:

1) Search for a name of a real company that you would like to be in the offshore center. You will find available general, anonymous names or high profile ones, like banks or multinationals. Select the company name that you like the best.

2) Enter your contact information. Just your email can be enough. Provide your address if you want to have an anonymous mailbox in the offshore center and have mail redirect to your place. Your address will be undisclosed and envelopes for your offshore business will be forwarded anywhere you want.

3) Buy the service pack that fits your needs. Starting from US$0.99 for a high-resolution digital copy of a counterfeited certificate of incorporation, or add one year worldwide mail forwarding or unique editions of printed and hand-signed certificates.

4) Start to invoice with your new hijacked offshore company. For your jobs and to the tax authorities, you can provide the certificate of incorporation, the tax identification number and the offshore address that you acquired on Loophole4All.com. The documents and information will be enough to certify that your business is legit and based abroad. The company will appear real if anybody investigates, but won’t reveal any details about you or the real owner, who remains secret.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

- A clarification for those who asked about the legality of the project: to steal the identity of a Caymans company is illegal only in the Cayman Islands, and Caymans court orders have very little credibility abroad. However, remember that hijacking offshore business is here mainly promoted as a form of protest and not to scam other people - that would invite the attention of the Interpol.

- Avoiding taxes by registering a company in the Cayman Islands is legal everywhere.

- You don't need a bank account in an offshore center. You can use your own bank account onshore. In most of world payments can go anywhere and in any form: wired, checks or cash. Loophole4All.com helps to invoice and declare income through an offshore company. When you need to declare your income or invoicing you can provide the name and tax number of the company that you bought on Loophole4All.com and stating that you pay taxes at the Caymans because you have a business there. This is how also the multinationals use the offshore center: the money never goes there, it is only booked on paper.

- If you buy a mailbox, all the envelopes for you will be forwarded to the headquarter of Loophole4All.com and then they will be forwarded to you. However in this process there may be a 30 days delay. It works well for a few invoices or to declare your income through a company at the offshore center. It's not adviced for high volume of correspondence.

- Having a certificate and not using it is totally legal.

- As an alternative to hijacking a company, you can send your certificates by mail to your country’s Minister of Treasury as another form of political pressure.

- If you buy a hand-signed certificate or a mailbox, you will have the exclusive ownership of the company with a unique original printed certificate to collect. The other two basic purchase options are for unlimited copies.

- We cannot confirm that you can withdraw money at offshore bank branches using a certificate of incorporation as identification. However, it may work as valid documentation, since the owners of the companies are anonymous.

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