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Loophole for All is a service to democratize offshore business for people who don't want to pay for their riches. It empowers everyone to evade taxes, hide money and debt, and get away with anything by stealing the identities of real offshore companies.
Loophole For All
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About the Loophole for All project

Loophole for All exploits tax and legal accountability loopholes available by registering a company in countries considered
offshore centers.

Several countries in the world help businesses by providing secrecy, little or no taxation and lax legal accountability to companies.

Consequently, most of the wealthy, major multinationals and banks are incorporated on paper in those offshore centers.

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Offshore centers are considered legal abroad. However, the services that they provide are unaffordable for the normal citizens onshore, whose instead have to pay more taxes and legal obligations, while facing cuts to public services and increasing national debt.

Loophole for All democratizes the use of offshore centers. It provides a service to the middle class and small businesses who don't want to pay more taxes than they should.

The service of Loophole for All acquires the lists of companies incorporated in the offshore centers and armed with as little as a company name and a number, lets people hijack those companies and utilize them for public advantage.

This corporate identity theft benefits from the anonymous nature of those offshore companies. Everyone can pretend to be them because of their real owners’ secrecy. And even if it's illegal to steal an identity of a company, the courts of offshoring centers don’t have any power or credibility onshore. And meanwhile, onshore authorities don't have the resources to verify the real owners of companies offshore — even less to chase everybody down.
Learn how to hijack a company in an offshore center and pay less than you should. It’s easy, safe, and fun!

So far Loophole4All facilitates the staling of only Cayman Islands companies (it's a major global offshore center and one of the most secretive ones). Soon companies from Bermuda, Jersey, Seychelles, and Delaware will be available, among others.

The list of companies available on Loophole4All.com has been scraped from the websites of the registry companies of offshore centers governments. In some cases companies names aren't fully public and the list has been obtained without permission with scrape-hacks (for the Cayman Islands, companies have been made public for the first time through Loophole for All project). This document lists sources, countries and numbers of the offshore companies.

Updates about Loophole for All:
- Press Release, June 2nd 2014.
- Press Release, April 5th 2013.
- Press Release, March 10th 2013.
- Press Release, February 15th 2013.

Why this project

Loophole for All stands as representation of the history of Neoliberalism and financial globalization, characterized by deep economic injustice based on legalized criminal activity.

The project unveils the mechanics of the institutional crime against the people of undeveloped countries and impoverished developed countries. Loophole for All reverses the legality of these instruments available only to a corporate and political elite and in doing so it provides a device to practice civil disobedience.

A radical tax reform is urgent not only to achieve fair taxes between rich and poor, or to avoid the collapse of civil society under national debt. A tax reform is also necessary to ensure that the taxpayer’s money will be spent in a transparent and democratic way and not to bailout or facilitate institutional corruption.

Refusing to pay taxes by the general citizens should be considered a civil right when the corrupted system refuses to close legal loopholes for the wealthy, reform monetary policy or let the people know or decide how tax revenues should be spent.

A new design for an open, transparent and direct democracy is coming, and this project will help to break with the past.

Exhibiting the art of corporate identity theft

In the offline art installation, the paper trail of the project is displayed with prints of the documents of the scheme set up for the operation. Among the printed and framed subsidiary certificate, the ID and the bills of the artist, the audience at the exhibition space is able to buy identities of companies from a pile of thousands of counterfeited paper certificates of incorporation. The art installation becomes a low cost identity shop for offshore companies and in doing so, democratizes both offshore business and the selling of conceptual subversive artworks.

The following diagram shows the flows of legal accountability, financial gains and information management among the jurisdictions utilized to engineer the massive-scale market of corporate identities.

A few thousand Caymans companies on paper - See more pictures

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