Continent  Country Records Source URL Done Notes
Carribean Sea Aruba 43544 Open Corporate 1 Chamber of Commerce and Industry Aruba
Free company register searchable by company name by name, trade name or branch. The free information includes name, address, status, legal form, date of incorporation and directors. Copies of deeds of incorporation and business listings by ISIC are priced.
Carribean Sea Barbados 30129 Open Corporate   1  
North America Bermuda 42312 Open Corporate 1 Bermuda Registrar of Companies
You can browser the public register A-Z and view company name, registration number, date of incorporation and status. For additional information, if available, and company name search you have to apply for an account.
Europe Cyprus   Open Corporate 1 possible alternative
Europe Gibraltar 96124 Open Corporate   1  
Europe Ireland 508760 Open Corporate 1  
Europe Isle of Man 137889 Open Corporate 1, high complexity. looks relatively straightforward otherwise. Working on this one now

Paolo Cirio
8:40 PM Mar 28
on open corporate there alredy a lot
Europe Jersey 61805 Open Corporate 1  
Europe Lichtenstein   Open Corporate 1  
Europe Luxembourg 121638 Open Corporate 1 404, first one in French, need help reading
Europe Malta 46942 Open Corporate 1 MFSA Registry of Companies
Free basic company details including registered address and company ID/number. You can browse the companies alphabetically or search by name or company ID/number. There is also a list of companies that have registered over the last 15 days.
Indian Ocean Mauritius 114083 Open Corporate   1  
Europe Netherlands 2404997 Open Corporate 1 Kamer van Koophandel : Trade Register
In the Netherlands registration in the trade register is compulsory for almost every company. Searching the trade register and name, address and registration number are free, but there is a charge for the business extracts, accounts and other information products. In Dutch and English.
North America Nevada, USA   Open Corporate   1  
South America Panama 713654 Open Corporate 1 We may find it thr ppl that already scraped it. Registro Público de Panamá
The Public Registry for incorporations of Companies and Foundations in Panama. There is a searchable online register but only in Spanish. Click on the white box "Consulta Registral", which is towards the bottom of the page, and you will then be taken to the register which currently at In Spanish o
North America Prince Edward Island, Canada 23655 Open Corporate   1  
North America Rhode Island, USA 83100 Open Corporate   1  
Asia Singapore 240272 Open Corporate 1 Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority Singapore
The free search on the companies directory gives you just registered number, name and status. Additional information and documents can be purchased online.
Europe Guernsey 57000 Scrape Wiki 1 Guernsey Registry
there is a searchable database at
wrnn: Company name search, potential high complexity
Carribean Sea Anguilla 0 Anguilla Financial Services
You have to submit a request for information using the company search form. The information is then emailed to you usually within 24 hours. Company status, registration number and date of incorporation are provided free of charge. There is a fee for additional information.
Central America Belize 0
Carribean Sea British Virgin Islands 0 [search by name, alphabet and typology]
[hack: go through typology and common names, they should be 80k]
[parse: javascript, eventually serial scrap]
Carribean Sea Cayman Islands 0  
Carribean Sea Curaçao 0  
North America Delaware, USA
 java server pages, looks moderately complex
 search on a+E7+A7 single letter only returns 50 results
Asia Hong Kong  0 Companies Registry
This site provides information on what information is available to the public, and how to access it. The database can be searched at the Cyber Search Centre at . Free information includes company name, registry number, name status, company type, date of incorporation. Additional information such as directors and documents (including annual reports if available) is priced.
Asia Macau       0  
Oceania Marshall Islands   complex search input potentially highly complex
Europe Monaco       0  
Oceania Nauru       0  
Carribean Sea Netherlands Antilles       0  
Indian Ocean Seychelles 0  
Africa Tanzania 0  
Carribean Sea Turks and Caicos       0  
Europe Zug, Switzerland 0  
Oceania Vanuatu          
Africa Bahrain          
Oceania Cook islands          
Carribean Sea Nevis          
Oceania Samoa          
Carribean Sea Dominica          
Europe Latvia          
TOTAL   4725904     19