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Loophole for All is a service to democratize offshore business for people who don't want to pay for their riches. It empowers everyone to evade taxes, hide money and debt, and get away with anything by stealing the identities of real offshore companies.
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Press Release - June 2nd 2014, NYC.

It's a pleasure to announce that Loophole for All won the Golden Nica, first prize of Prix Ars Electronica,
one of the most prominent awards from socially engaged media art - in Linz, Austria.

Shortly: The project exposed 215,000 anonymous companies in the Cayman Islands and attempted to sell their identities in order to democratize tax shields.

In one year Loophole4All.com received:

2 Cease and Desist letters from Chinese financial firms.
10 legal threats from business owners in the Cayman Islands.
12 articles in international newspapers.
1,000 orders made through the selling of companies.
700 USD made and lost through selling the identities of Cayman Island firms.
2 PayPal Account suspensions and a ban on trading.
25,000 investigative queries into the database of 215,000 entities.
900 subscriptions to the project’s newsletter with anonymous email addresses or from domains like: ey.com, hsbc.com, citi.com, kcs.com, etc.

Unfortunately, PayPal didn't concede and I lost all the money that I earned from the selling of subversive artworks in a limited edition. In the meantime, my mailbox on the Cayman Islands appears to have been shut down and I haven’t received mail there in a few months. By the way, I am not making up a single detail of the project. Read the full story here:

There has finally been increased political pressure on the loopholes of anonymous companies, so I decided to move onto the next booming financial instrument that hasn’t yet been regulated. Today, I introduce ArtCommodities.com. By turning offshore firms in art commodities, you can now buy artworks from Loophole4All.com once again. Become the only owner of unique historical artworks for 99 cents and up!

Have a look at the photos of the art installation of Loophole for All in the following exhibitions

Show at Aksioma | Project Space in Ljubljana:
Show Unstable Territories at CCC Strozzina in Florence:
Show Global aCtIVISm at ZKM, Center for Art and Media, in Karlsruhe;
and Out of the Box at MAK, Museum for Applied Arts, in Vienna, some pictures:

A recent video interview in Slovenia on national TV:
A recent interview published on The Wild Magazine:
You can learn more about the project, its others exhibitions and publications here:

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Thanks for the attention.
Paolo Cirio Ltd.'s press office.

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